Technical Crew

equipo-tecnicoThe Iluminación FM Tech Crew

is one of the best assets of our company.

Equipo Técnico

  • Key Grips
  • Electricians
  • Best Boys
  • Technicians
  • International Gaffers


International Productions

If you are coming to shoot in Spain we are your best option. Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Sevilla… distance is not a problem. We can place a preloaded truck in 24h wherever you need it. Our English speaking gaffers and Key grips will do the rest. We always offer the best quality at the best prices. .


Specialized Staff

We work with many of the best Directors of Photography of the world. The experience gained with them has given us unique knowledge to realize the same thing in different ways. In each project we put all our experience in the hands of the DOP and the production company. We work hard to guarantee the project is a success.

Flash studio norte

Pelaya 15.
Polígono Industrial, Río de Janeiro.
28110 Algete. Madrid

Phone +34 91.629.32.20
Fax     +34 91.629.32.23



La Granja 54.
Polígono Industrial de Alcobendas.
28118 Madrid.

Phone +34 91.661.51.26
Fax     +34 91.662.56.89